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Title format

The article title should be in this format:

<Name of article> (DATE PUBLICATION)

Where the date is ordered by year, month then day. Eg: 2012-12-05

Adding categories to media articles

Add the relevant year and the album era to the article. For example:

[[Category:Media | 2012]]
[[Category:Lex Hives media]]

Tag it as an interview, magazine, or video. Add the relevant year if possible. More than one could apply.

[[Category:Interviews | 2012]]

Tag all of the members in that article.

[[Category:Howlin' Pelle Almqvist interviews]]
[[Category:Dr. Matt Destruction interviews]]
[[Category:Vigilante Carlstroem interviews]]
[[Category:Nicholaus Arson interviews]]
[[Category:Chris Dangerous interviews]]