London Roundhouse 2012 (gig)

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Venue Roundhouse
Date 14 December, 2012
Location Camden, London
Country England
Songs 19
Support The Ceasarians, The Minutes
Capacity 3300
Outfits Top hat and tails

This show was sold out many months prior.

Set list

  1. Come On!
  2. Try It Again
  3. Take Back the Toys
  4. 1000 Answers
  5. Main Offender
  6. Walk Idiot Walk
  7. My Time is Coming
  8. No Pun Intended
  9. Wait a Minute
  10. Die, All Right!
  11. I Want More
  12. Won't Be Long
  13. Hate to Say I Told You So
  14. The Hives Declare Guerre Nucleaire
  15. Bigger Hole to Fill
  16. Patrolling Days


  1. Go Right Ahead
  2. Insane
  3. Tick Tick Boom

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