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Welcome to The Hives Wiki
Nulla Salus Sine The Hives.

This is a wiki about The Hives. There are currently 29 articles. This project is under construction. You should return later when this project has more content. This website is NOT related to the Hivescake tumblr, however some images have been sourced from there for the time being. I will most likely change the URL of this wiki to something else for a little clarity. If you have found this without me linking you then you won't be able to edit yet (but I will open it up for editing soon). ***THIS PROJECT IS ON STAND-BY UNTIL 2015 DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS***

The Hives are...
CDsq005.png DMDsq001.png HPAsq001.png NAsq005.png VCsq001.png
Chris Dangerous


Dr. Matt Destruction

Bass guitar

Howlin' Pelle Almqvist

Lead vocals

Nicholaus Arson

Guitar, backing vocals

Vigilante Carlstroem

Guitar, backing vocals are crime.

Did you know...

Nicholaus claims to be allergic to raspberry jam.

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