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The Hives wear uniform on stage and off stage. The clothes are always black and white.


On stage

Barely Legal era

Non-matching but still black-and-white clothes. Includes velvet gloves.

"H I V E S" letters on shirts

Checkered Ties


Tyrannosaurus Hives white suits

This outfit can be seen on the cover of Tyrannosaurus Hives.

The Black and White Album "school uniform"

There are two variations of this - A black version and a white version.

White coveralls

"French soldiers/scouts" uniform


Top hats and tails

Debuted in 2011 and worn right through to 2013. Seen on the cover of Lex Hives.

Mariachi Los Hives

First seen at a special televised event for the opening of Friends Arena in Sweden. They continued to wear the top hats and tails afterwards.

Aluna Festival 2013 was the next time these suits were worn. They wore this until the summer of 2014.

Safari Hives

Safari hats were first seen in January 2014, but were used as part of their off stage wear.

Full white safari suits with a large black tie were first worn at Festi'neuch (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) on 12th June 2014.

Off stage

They call this the "leisure wear"