Randy Fitzsimmons

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A masked figure depicting Randy Fitzsimmons in the live performance video of "Go Right Ahead."

Randy Fitzsimmons is the credited songwriter for all of The Hives' original songs.


The NME[1] once wrote that Fitzsimmons was a pseudonym for Nicholaus Arson. However, Arson has debunked this claim.

In the "Main Offender" music video, Fitzsimmons' hand can be seen signing a contract of some sort.

Also, on the back cover of the band's third album "Tyrannosaurus Hives", 12 legs and feet can be seen while there are only five people (the five members) on the front cover. The two extra legs could be Fitzsimmons'.

In the live performance video of "Go Right Ahead" Fitzsimmons appeared in the studio with a black mask covering his face. This is the first time a bodily figure representing Fitzsimmons has ever appeared on camera.


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