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Silence is not only the arch-nemesis of The Hives, Silence is the ever-lurking soul-sucking performance-killing kryptonite to The Hives. Silence has a life-time ban on all Hives performances and the penalty for letting Silence in-- is an offense punishable by death from biblical locust on a laser beam.

"Silence is not invited.

Silence is not on the guest list.

Silence doesn't know anybody in the music industry that could get them in tonight.

Silence is not allowed on these premises.

Silence will have to take a few laps around the block and sober up before he can come in.

This means, whenever The Hives are playing-- you people are safe."

Hear the words first hand from our commander and chief, Howlin' Pelle Almqvist at NYC's Webster Hall in April 2012 [1]