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Edit the gig list in the corresponding templates (sorted by year):

2013: Template:Gigs2013

2012: Template:Gigs2012

2011: Template:Gigs2011

2010: Template:Gigs2010

2009: Template:Gigs2009

2008: Template:Gigs2008

2007: Template:Gigs2007

2006: Template:Gigs2006

2005: Template:Gigs2005

2004: Template:Gigs2004

2003: Template:Gigs2003

2002: Template:Gigs2002

2001: Template:Gigs2001

2000: Template:Gigs2000

1999: Template:Gigs1999

1998: Template:Gigs1998


Then you can just put the template into the main Gigs page:


Arranging by tour

I've left it organised by year instead of by which tour it is ("Lex Hives tour" etc) since years in between albums can get a little confusing. We could change it back if we think that would be neater.

Individual gig detailing

Inside each of the gigs we should put a standard table with some info. There is a template here: Template:Gigtable. If you click on it there's a code you can use, but I'll put it here again. Feel free to improve on it down the track.

| Venue = 
| Date = 
| Location = 
| Country = 
| Songs = 
| Support = 
| Capacity = 
| Outfits =