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This is an archive of The Hives's tour diary from their past and present websites.

The more recent diary entries (2005 to present) can be found on their official website: here.

The majority of the band's diary entries are written by Nicholaus Arson as shown on the tally.

Tally of diary entries
Name Total 2000 2001 2002 2003
Nicholaus Arson 33 10 9 13 1
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist 6 2 3 1 0
Chris Dangerous 2 1 1 0 0
Vigilante Carlstroem 2 1 1 0 0
Dr. Matt Destruction 1 0 1 0 0
Randy Fitzsimmons 0 0 0 0 0
Other 2 0 0 2 0




200000000000 - 09 - 04

I am Nicholaus Arson. I am a man. A bad man. This is my medium. Aswell as pens..... and my guitar. Read the date! That´s right. The Hives do own the future. This is ladies and gentlemen the first letter in what will be The Hives words of wisdom to the public, apart from what we say at liveshows and on recorded material. Hope you get the picture! I´m three.... no wait four days away from leaving my home and spending the next month touring. One week Germany, two weeks Great Britain and one week Norway. Better watch out in geographical places listed above. Better watch out for The Hives boys and girls in geographical places listed above. Friday is the day I tell you to open ears and eyes and welcome the experience that only The Hives could bring. I´m looking forward to spending the coming days with the Doctor, Chris Dangerous, Vigilante and Hollerin´ Pelle Almqvist. I love those guys. Love is a strong word. A delicate one aswell.

Here I am opening my heart to the public and this might very well be what this newly added part to The Hives homepage is going to be all about. Notice the word might since I really don´t know what will be written here by my fellow bandmates but I can assure you all that everything ever written or said by a member of The Hives, asleep or awake is worth the rumination it takes to fully penetrate the meaning of the words presented to you. Hence I will leave you wanting more of my delicate pen with these last words.

Till next time I´ll be thinking of YOU.

Affectionately yours

// Nicholaus Arson aka N. Arson aka N.A. aka Mr A aka Nicholaus A.

See you l-l-l-llllater!

2000 - 09 - 19

Guitarson here.
I just thought I`d take the opportunity at hand to send a third letter and try to use the word hence a third time aswell.. We`re in Bristol the lovely british pretty near lands end pearl. Play tonight then sleep then go to Exeter. That`s the plan at the moment really. I have a couple of band collegues here aswell and I sure hope they drop a line to you all. Mostly to prevent the possibility of making this collection of thoughts the collected work of Nicholaus Arson. Yesterday Mr Chris Dangerous flooded the hotelroom when trying to tap up a bath. No less than four firetrucks arrived when the water ran down through the ceiling and shortcircuited the firealarm. Pretty fun stuff! What`s with the english and carpet in the bathroom anyway, beats me. I`ll get back to you all whenever I get the chance.
Till then affectionately yours
You know who aka the man

2000 - 09 - 28

Hi again!
Thought yesterday that the van had broken down. It hadn't. It ws only a leaking hose so here. Spent the night in a mobile home anyway and loaded our gear into Groop dogdrills van. We're in Manchester now and we're supposed to go to the venue in 15 minutes. We played as fourpiece once again yesterday. Mr Destruction was sick and could not extract the divine sort of power that it takes to get through a The Hives set out of his body. Vigilante held the bassguitar. We were all right but not great. Two shows left now, London and tonights show. We will be great. I'm keeping it short now to get back to the van in time for departure to wherever we're playing.
Sincerly yours
Nicholaus Guitarson


2000 - 10 - 10

Mr you know who by the you know what again.
I think Howlin´ Pelle is giving you a full sum up of the tour since we´re now back in Sweden. He´ll tell you all about everything I guess.
Therefor I myself do not have anything to write really, but I just remembered a joke that Danny from the Yo Yo´s managed to spit out during breakfast.
Once upon a time (that´s how a story should start this one did not though I added that myself for dramatic effect)....... a skeleton walks into a bar and says: - I´d like a pint of whiskey and a mop please.
That´s it. It sure is funny. We´re gonna do some shows in Sweden now. Playing some of them with the great Savages from Fagersta/Vad/Norberg. Looking forward to that. If you excuse me now I´ve got some important guitarplaying to do.
See you all you know when //
You know who aka Him aka Too big to fit in an envelope

2000 - 10 - 16

Try to figure this one out. Imagine it being sung with a bounce.
Is she really going out with him. Ah!!!
I´ve got a feeling inside of me it´s that we played this weekend. Uppsala
and Eskilstuna. I never thought this could happen to me. Ah!!! I´ve got a feeling inside of me it´s kind of strange like a stormy sea. Gooood shows by the way.
Vi kommer tillbaka till båda städer inom två veckor. Jag trodde inte spelningar hade någon följetång. 500 armhävningar till den som kan lista utvilken klasssssssssiker jag mixade in i min ingress.
Back to english for all you nonswedish- speakers/understanders/understandbutwithoutinterpretorpresent.
Money is not gonna be a problem in the future for The Hives. Wanna know why (Rethorical Q stand by for full story)? We are well on the way now with our SLEEP PATENT. That´s right The Hives have recently got some positive news that a patent for sleep will soon be in our hands. Just think of it! Millions/billions of people use it every day/night and so far it has all been for free. WHAT A WASTE! The Hives will open their hands and just cash in on dollars/tollars/kronor/yens and all that shebang. Sometimes the world with all it´s strange twists and turns and in rotating (if that really is the case) glory just hands over opportunity on a silverplate. I´m feeling tired now. Too many lines too little time. Where do you go after metric time? Need my beautysleep.
So long

2000 - 10 - 28

Hi it´s me again.
Today I went to the local bank to discuss figures exceeding milions of swedish crowns. It all comes with the territory. I also found the time to listen to some records. I searched for hours through the files only to find a record that couldn´t raise an eyebrow even if it poked you in the eye. Round trip by The Knack. I wouldn´t wish it upon my worst enemy. It doesn´t make you mad nor happy nor anything. So if you ever find that you don´t have anything to do you can perhaps put this one on and continue with what you´re doing. Ooups... I seem to have found a purpose for this record after all. If doing nothing is doing something that is. Right now I´m listening to Nina Hagen. She seems to have quite a lot of good to offer. The Hives by the way have got some stuff in the making. Smokin´ hot! As always. That might be it for now. My fingertips are getting mighty soar from tampering with the keyboard. I also belive that Nina Hagen is gonna have to give way to The Didjits.
See you later
Nicholaus Arson

2000 - 09 - 19

Nicholaus Arson is back!!!
Today is saturday. I´m a bit of a dull boy today. Apparently the sleep patent isn´t working so well and the millions of swedish crowns I went to the bank to discuss, well... as it turns out they were not mine at all. I´ve got some ideas for the sleep patent and I´m keeping my fingers crossed. It´s not dead yet I tell you!
Today we´re playing in Köping. Köping is the biggest city in Sweden. It holds approximately 10 million residents. Only 8 million people live in Sweden but Köping has got a great big university and the exchange students are numerous, thereof the rather high numbered surplus. Köpings main source of income is vinegar. They drill for vinegar in the high mountains surrounding Köping. They also hold a large chemical industry that develop sharks and other predators. That´s all I know so far cause that´s all there was to read about Köping in this months issue of "Higgledy-piggledy facts". I also heard that asorted jelly beans are the coming months flavour. It´s going to be a long next month. A Nicholaus Arson pro model guitar is also in the making. The final touches to the loose plan are being dealt with any time soon. My ultimate wishes, and yours, have finaly been granted. We have done three shows I think on the The Hives/The Hellacopters tour. The scandinavian part that is. So far everything has been going according to plans. I almost got my head knocked off by a filmcamera yesterday at the gig in Uppsala at Sten stures when the filmcrew were testshooting our gig to obtain some knowledge of how to film The Hellacopters gig. Standing on the PA can be treasonous at times. I now have to fill up internal parts of my body with what you eartmen call food. See you in a flash.
Yours truly
Nicholaus Arson; Man of letters


2000 - 11 - 20

Three nights ago we played the last show of the Scandinavian part of the The Hives and The Hellacopters tour. Now we will conquer Europe once again. Two days ago we played in Malung with the mighty Savages. It was great! Now we have four whole days off for personal recreation before we head downwards in Sweden. I´m really looking forward to this European part of the tour. We especially enjoy coming back to Hamburg and Berlin. These four days of vacation have given me some time to think. I thought I´d shed some light upon one of the things I´ve been thinking about. In Sweden we have since like April when our latest record came out noticed a steady increase in the use of our names. Parents are naming their children after their own idols it seems. On the list of most popular names for boys we only two years ago found Nicholaus at a ghastling 234th spot while in June this year we found me on a more reassuring 5th spot. Infact this is what the top ten list for most popular names for boys looked like in August last year:

1. Ove
2. Lennart
3. Leif
4. Johan
5. Greger
6. Jens
7. Jesper
8. Jyrkki
9. Thomas
10. Repoman

As you can see no real surprises except maybe for Jyrkki which is more common in Finland. Also notice that none of our names are featured on the list. Around december 1999 The Hives moved into the studio to record VVV. It was released in April following year. Summer passed and this is how the very same list looked in August this year:

1. Howlin´Pelle
2. Lennart
3. Dr Matt
4. Nicholaus (moved up a notch as you can see)
5. Vigilante
6. Chris
7. Ove
8. Matteus
9. Rolf
10. Roine

All our names are as you can see very well represented on the list. All our names are infact within the top six. All the more striking is that this is what the top ten list of most popular girls names looked like the same month this year:

1. Lisbeth
2. Howlin´Pelle
3. Annika
4. Dr Destruction
5. Dr Matt Destruction
6. Matt Destruction
7. Maria
8. Eva-Lena
9. Josefine
10. Nicholaus Arson

Even amongst girls names we are heavily featured. Note positions 4 to 6; strange! I can only applaud parents all around this country and conclude that times ahead are looking very good indeed. I´ll try to get back to the matter anytime sooner or later if I can get my hands on a computer somewhere in Europe and say goodbye for now with a familiar line:
”Goodbye, I love you all”.
Nicholaus Arson man of letters

2000 - 11 - 24

I got up this morning. Put some clothes on. Kiss my ass!!!
Chris Dangerous also speaking for Dr Matt Destruction and Vigilante Carlstroem

2000 - 11 - 24

Hola Amigos.
This is HOWLIN PELLE ALMQVIST. Yes I think I deserve to be in all CAPITOLS after last nights show. So, this might be the first letter I get to the famous the Hives diary. I have tried on numerous previous occations but technology sometimes disagree with my more-than-human metabolism. Weird, huh. So, back in the R.A.V. (RockAssaultVihicle) after a few days spent in robe and slippers in the library of HIVE MANOR, yes all CAPITOLS again. It has been very pleasant. I have a tingling feeling important things will happen during this, our last tour of 2000, important things. More on this later though. The Savages are fearless knights in the face of reality, alround top blokes and a fantastic musical construction. Soon... 2001!!!!!
HOWLIN PELLE ALMQVIST with extra sauce.

2000 - 11 - 29

the hives are still law... ooohh yes.
The hives are having a great time in europe, every show has been sold out so far. But we have a problem!!! Mr. Arson has no longer two arms Chris has taken one away, I´ll let you know more about this a bit down the road.
I think I love U.
Vigilante Carlstroem by the keyboard.


2000 - 12 - 07

Hello dedicated followers of the Hives.
This is your singer talking. Something has happened. The Hives are falling apart physically. Sometimes the strenght of our will far exceeds that of our bodies. This imbalance results in pain. For the last week or so we have all experienced this. Busted shoulders and backs and soforth. It´s kind of hard to pace yourself when you have so much to give. Our verdict follows:
THE FIRST MONTH OF 2001 WILL SEE NO ACTIVITY FROM THE HIVES. It will be spent in seclusion trying to repair these recent damages. On a different note we have been nominated for the best liveact award in sweden known as the gold mic. I dont know who the jurors are but how could we not win. More on this as i get it.
Bye now ye fearless knights of modern technology/
Howlin Pelle pure and simple.

2000 - 12 - 08 Time: 11:33

Hi this is Mr Guit-Arson again.
Thought I'd drop a line once I had the time. Yesterday we played Madrid and it was really good. Today we're going to Bergara in the north of Spain. I'm expecting one million people to the show. It should be packed. I tried to buy a record just now but I suspect that siesta just kicked in and ruined my possibilities of finding some audio delight. My hands have started to grow. My right hand ring finger is now over one and a half meters long. It looks strange on an otherwise pretty reasonably human proportioned body. It might be just a swelling of some sort. Perhaps a reaction of too much guitarplaying.
See you in a flash

2000 - 12 - 28

Hi ladies and gentlemen!
Nicholaus Arson is my name and the diary is my game. Although it hasn´t really been so lately. Christmas got a hold on me and almost ripped my torn and worn out body to pieces. I belive I am in a in such a state though that my fingers can tell you what is coming from your favourite band. This is today and this is where our rest begins. No gigs until february. We have work to attend to at home. This coming year however will take us over continents and waters previously uncrossed by The Hives. A new time is in front of us. People expect great things from The Hives and The Hives have never been late to deliver. Watch out in Europe and America for coming attractions featuring The Hives. My body has retaken it´s previous shape and it will hopefully stay the same for a couple of days. Mind you there has been a change of great importance in the world today and The Hives are as always right in the middle of things wether they want it or not.
-TRUTH WILL EVENTUALLLLLLLYYY COME!!!!!!!!, people say. And perhaps if watch the world with the same eyes as The Hives you will notice what people claim to know.
Go to bed!!! Tomorrow is a big day!
Nicky aka king of keyboards



2001 - 01 – 14

New year, new month and new balls. The Hives only have two weeks left of sitting around doing little.
We´ve just got the new dates for the european tour that we´re doing in February. Looks promising.
It´ll be a good start on the new year taking my still soare and aching body on yet another escapade. Almighty RF give me strength!!!
I´ll get back to you soon.

Yours truly
Nicky Arson


2001 - 10 - 02

One of my premier jokes by Dr Destruction.

- Do you know why all the mammoths died out?
- No.
- Cause there weren´t any dadoths around.


Dr D

2001 - 10 - 03

Hi there members of the Hives loving community.

I just want to tell you all that I´m back in the saddle and ready to ride. I feel good, good, good!!!

Chris Dangerous - alive & kickin'.

2001 - 10 - 05

He there!

This is Mr Nicholaus Arson. I just thought that it would be time to make a summary of the diary in one way or the other and why not do it with the most important thing of all - namely my name.

These are some of the signatures I´ve used during this time we have had together. Simple as that:

You know who
The man
Nicholaus Arson aka N. Arson aka N.A. aka Mr A aka Nicholaus A.
N Arson
Mr Arson Welles
H.E Sir Nicholaus Arson
Nicky aka king of keyboards
Nicholaus Arson man of letters aka Tough touch
Nicholaus Arson man of letters
Nicholaus Arson; Man of letters
Nicholaus Arson
You know who aka Him aka Too big to fit in an envelope
Nicholaus Guitarson
That´s all for now/Nicholaus Arson
Nicholaus Arson
N Arson
Monsieur Garcon Guit-arson
Man of letters Nicholaus Guit-arson
Nicholaus Arson
Nicky Guit-Arson
Nick Arson
Nicky Arson

I´m pretty pleased with all of them but a bit confused about Tough touch.

See you

????????? ?????


2001 - 11 - 09


Thought that would get your attention. Since the American connection seems to have been dealt with by the guitarslingers of the band I thought I´d tell you about a week in Britain we just had. Yes its true, the Anglo-saxons think we are the hottest things in shoes. I dare anyone to prove them wrong (as I´m writing this I can smell the smoke comin out of my shoes). We are soon going back to conquer a medium the locals there refer to as a "Tube". Should be fun. If you possess one of these devices you can check us out.

My appearances on this, your favourite place on the informationsuperhighway, have not been too many lately. But NOW thanks to mr. Matazz our chief in command of PA systems and THE ROAD I will hopefully grace you more often with my presence. He has a portable computer! And it´s not much bigger than your average fridge. Closing in on Detroit now. Think I´m gonna try and get the 5 on the stereo.

A hug, a kiss and a punch in the gut.
Howlin Pelle.

2001 - 11 - 09

Hi there!

Mr Guitarson here. Right now we are riding in a van, an Canadian rented one with brown colour on the exterior and greyish colour on the interior. It´s no RAV but it´s A okay.

We left Chicago today. Chicago makes you think of songs. We passed Kalamazoo which also makes you think of songs. Passed the exit to something called Jackson which also made me think of a good song. We are on our way to Detroit. Detroit makes you think of great bands, great artists, good songs and cars. The thinking above makes you think of one track minds???

Nevermindishly it for now.

Signing off for today
N Arson

2001 - 11 - 09


Today we entered The United States.
By air I might add. Our private jet took us to Chicago, the windy town.
We had one night off before the first show and I'm gonna let me beloved friend Git Arson tell you all about it.


2001 - 11 - 16

Back in the USA damn it.

Took a trip to England damn it to do some dirtywork damn it. We now have gained complete control over Great Britain damn it. We´ll check in a few times the past months to upkeep our firm grip on the island.

Before we left for England we had great shows in Detroit and Cleveland. The Cleveland one was really great and we also got the opportunity to meet our good friends and collegues in The New Bomb Turks. Them guys are a bitchin´kick ass band man (workin´on California accent whilst I really mean it).

Right now we are on our way to New Jersey. Played Boston, MA yesterday and things were all good.

If you are an American resident planning to see The Hives on their current tour de force of "the new world" you should show up early. We are playing insanely early sometimes so it may even mean that you´ll have to take a few hours off work. We are playing either as second or first band so now you know.

For now damn it

Nicholaus Arson

2001 - 11 - 23

Hello there Hives lovers in all quarters!

This is a kick ass tour but it´s a hassle finding a computer. Today we rocked the living daylights out of Orlando, Florida. I had expected more old people and actual gators in the audience. The few of them (old and alligators) liked it as much as their human or younger brother or sisterlike dancing bystander.

Right now we are on our way to New Orleans. Rockin´the joint tomorrow. People are still coming late and therefore missing the show that we give. I hence repeat the following:

We are playing insanely early sometimes on this tour so BE ON TIME SUCKERS!!!!! We are playing insanely early sometimes on this tour so BE ON TIME SUCKERS!!!!! We are playing insanely early sometimes on this tour so BE ON TIME SUCKERS!!!!! We are playing insanely early sometimes on this tour so BE ON TIME SUCKERS!!!!! We are playing insanely early sometimes on this tour so BE ON TIME SUCKERS!!!!!

We shouldn´t have anymore of that behaviour now, right!

Milemarker did their last show with us today. It´s been a pleasure going swimming and playing with them. We wish them all the luck wherever they may go.

It for now since I´m busy crossing a continent.


Nicholaus Arson

2001 - 11 - 28

Hi says amazing!

The night before yesterday meaning the night of the Austin show we immediately after the show went to see country music extraordinaire Dale Watson and his Lone stars. Billy Dee Donahue, Scott Matthews and Ricky Davis they were all there and so were we. Had a great time swinging the lurviga ones.

Right now we are somewhat passed El Paso on our way to Albuquerque. I think I´ll be able to exercise my powers inspite of the 1360 kilometre road trip. As long as I can stand straight I´ll be a OK and the show will be great.

Christmas is just around the corner but the The Hives schedule sees no changes.

Leaving you now as I have some travelling to do


2001 - 11 - 28

Howdy pardners!

Greetings from the wild west. It´s me, Howling Pelle. Since the last time Brother Arson wrote we have performed the two Texas shows to huge critical acclaim. We like Texas. We especially liked revisiting Austin. Our loved ones can expect lots of ridiculous gifts when we get home as we now had the time to spend some of the money we made on the Hive gift shop during the tour. This was a good thing as we were starting to have trouble fitting the equipment in the van.

Bye for now.

Howlin Pelle.


2001 - 12 - 04

I am Pelle hear me roar!

We have now taken California by storm. Our 2nd sold out Roxy show in hairspraycity took place yesterday and on our 5th day In the state we are now going to San Fransisco to play for the flower people. No flowers in our hair though, just sun in our eyes. Yep, the future is so bright we gotta wear shades!

Damn the Compulsive Gamblers are good.

L-U-V and a busted physique from HPA.

2001 - 12 - 20

Hi there boys and girls!

We have a lot to talk about. Not now however. I´m secretively busy.

St Nicholaus

2001 - 12 - 23

Tomorrow is the big day!

St Nicholaus Arson

2001 - 12 - 25

All done!

St Nicky Arson



2002 - 01 - 10

Happy New year everybody! Spent the holidays down under for a killer show.

We are now getting ready to embark on yet another journey.

See you there


2002 - 01 - 30

The Hives TO DO:

- Finish off Finland - DONE
- Kill Norway - DONE
- Play the UK to smithereens - ABOUT TO, leaving tomorrow

Yep! Had a great time in Finland playing to the eastern neighbour. Had same great thing going on in Norway from where I returned yesternight. I knew the finns were crazy but the norwegians almost teared us apart. I guess we had a mutual thing going

I am currently working up a steam (as if I had to) before leaving for the UK tomorrow. Some new towns will be aquainted with The Hives and the band is looking forward to gaining control over these areas.

I will return with more letters as soon as my fingers have stopped bleeding.

Thanks and goodbye for now

Arson Arson Arson


2002 - 02 - 15

Yep, done!

England was left with bleeding ears and yesterday we won a grammy.


2002 - 02 - 17

I just have a small message to the people who are writing us saying I´m a genius because they think I am Randy Fitzsimmons.

I AM a genius, I´m just not the genius YOU THINK I am.


Nicholaus Arson great son of Ar


2002 - 03 - 14

The Hives current geographic location report

AM 08.34 2002-03-14

Nicholaus Arson: Central Fagersta
Chris Dangerous: Fagersta (up on the heights)
Dr Destruction: Location unknown (chip not working)
Howlin´ Pelle: East central Stockholm
Vigilante: Örebro (carbound at time for report)

Carried out by:

THCS (The Hives Center of Statistics)

2002 - 03 - 28

Interview day. The Hives are all hanging on the phone answering questions from Ireland.

THCS (The Hives Center of Statistics)


2002 - 04 - 30

Tomorrow we leave for UK and Ireland.

Liverpool has never before seen the greatness of The Hives!
Dublin has never before seen the greatness of The Hives!
Belfast has never before seen the greatness of The Hives!




2002 - 05 - 08

Now they have all seen the greatness of The Hives. The Hives fell much in love with their new territorys as well.



2002 - 06 - 21

So finally! Nick Arson is back with a piece of internet wisdom.

Just came back from america and man do The Hives have the US of A eating out of the palm of our King Midas hand or what?

A: Damn straight!

On the westcoast they were still picking up the pieces while The Hives made their way over eastwards. People are still kicking ther dropped chins around while walking the streets of San Diego, LA, Portland, Vancouver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston to name few.

No eardrum has been left untouched and the The Hives also found the time to let it´s tounge of excellence lick the whole Northamerican "radionotsogood" shiny and new.

Had a great time bringing the absolute best in music to every town together with our rocking friends in The Mooney suzuki, The Reigning sound, The New Bomb Turks and the Pattern to name most of them.

Conclusion and simple facts of life yet again:


True true true!!!

Deal with it if you will overtheponders

FINAL for now

fURTHER MORE.... caps unlocked.... and action

Futhermore we even visited Finland the day before yesterday to work our finnish fans into a frenzy together with the likes of Flaming sideburns, Maggots and "Demons" for finnish Gearfest. Hyvää rocking action in Helsinki alltså and more to come in Stockholm tomorrow and in Oslo on Monday. Enjoy all you lucky folks nearby!

Arson Welles man of honour and truth signing off for now


2002 - 07 - 10

Having a bit of a rest at present strolling around doing less than a while ago.

Going to London, Dublin and Glasgow coming weekend to tear them apart. The fingers are burning and its going to be one sweet ride with the islanders.

See you then


2002 - 07 - 17

Had a blast with the English, Irish and the Scots. They loved us as much as usual íf not more. The Hives sent their love and got a multiplied amount back.

No wonders.

Nick Arson in charge


2002 - 09 - 03

Home again from touring.

Since we last computerly spoke we have contaminated Tokyo, Osaka, NYC, Reading and Leeds to name a few with The Hives. The outbrake was a success and as usual people love us wherever we may choose to go.

As of now only one show left this year. We sometimes have a hard time saying no and I already miss touring. Spending the best of me isolated for a while now though since it has been rough on my sorry excuse for a human body all this touring, see!

Catch you later memen and women



2002 - 10 - 03

Hello!!! I´m Alive!!!!

Yes it´s me Howlin Pelle, writing a long overdue diary entry. Things have been very hectic for a while now trying to focus on staying home and taking care of paperwork and people here at Hive manor. It´s good for us but vaguely depressing since we miss loud amps and screaming fans and the whole, you know, thing.

Me and Vigilante are going to go to Belfast tomorrow to pick up an award for our achivements. Thank you Ireland. We like you to.

We have also seen physicians and experts about the injuries sustained on the last few summer festivals and the news was positive. WE WILL ALL BE ABLE TO PLAY AGAIN! That´s good news for you AND us. Since it means we can make a new record. Something we have been wanting to do for a long time. With a little luck and alot of effort this will(again) be a MILESTONE in art and a revolution in science. Dont hold your breath for it though...... you might die.

Hopefully back sooner than later.


2002 - 10 - 10

Leaving for Iceland on the 17th of October. Take your kayak or ride a whale. Be there or be square or try to pretend that you don´t care.

See you way up north


2002 - 10 - 28

Hi and welcome to late October!

I´m sitting at home trying to sytematize some of the mess that has been put on hold while we were out touring.


Nicholaus Warzone


2002 - 11 - 26

Still keeping me busy with all those emails!

Getting back to work.




2003 - 02 - 23

Hi there littluns!

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays as did I. The Hives are currently hard at work with whatever it really is a rock band of this calibre does? Sometimes one can´t be sure.

Have had some time to go thru the albums that I have picked up while on tour. I seem to have managed to pick up some truly great stuff while away and I´ll let you know all or less about it in time.

Our popularity is also steadily increasing and I shall be crowned king any day now as soon as I close in on Stockholm where they are currently holding my place at the throne. My fellow knights in black and white on their part have all been officially awarded bits and pieces of the planet Tellus and we are currently working out together with our own Secretary of State where they fit in in our puzzle of The United States of The Hives.

The Hives have already proven, are currently proving, will in the future continue to prove - what they can do for you. Are you sure you can keep up with magic?

Take care

Me Arson, you Jane!!!




9 October 2005 - Back in Japan!!!

The Hives are back in Japan and yours truly Nick Arson has been out on the town.

People welcomed me with open arms and they all said they would pop down to wherever we chose to play.

Right now I´m very hungry and inbetween words here I cut fruit with a big knife that has been left in my honour in my room. Convenient.

Take it easy keep it sleazy!